28 Drawings Later: Day Nine

Dinosaurs! Created using the finest artist tools – kids watercolour block palette, sharpie pen (black), giant pavement chalks. How posh am I?

  • SKT White 8
  • SKT White 7
  • SKT White 6
  • SKT White 5
  • SKT White 4
  • SKT White 3
  • SKT White 2
  • SKT White 1

2 Responses to “28 Drawings Later: Day Nine

  • It’s great fun seeing what you will come up with each day! I love your drawings – can we have some pretty flowers one day – or maybe a nice red apple?

    Pomona x

  • Hi Lovely Lady, long time no hear. Thank you for your kind words. I am sure I can get my people to talk to your people to arrange something floral and appley. x

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