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Tia Lush - Founder & Creative Director

Who Ate My Crayons is operated by Tia Lush, a designer with over 18+ years in the media and advertising industry. Freelancing for over 16 years, having previously worked for a global media agency in London. Tia’s background is in fine art, so she has always been drawn towards the creative side of business. Clients range from large corporates, to medium sized companies, to self-starting entrepreneurs.


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Who Ate My Crayons

Designing since 1999

I studied fine art with every intention of being an interior designer. I got an office job to get some admin experience and, noticing that I was creatively inclined, my bosses offered me opportunities to work on design work. 

I discovered that I rather enjoyed graphic and website design and took every opportunity to work on related tasks, paid and unpaid, until eventually I was offered a position at a media monitoring company as a graphic and website designer. The rest, as they say, is history.




My Simple Philosophy

Design, not rocket science.

My job as a designer is to translate your ideas into something that works on digital or print format and is fit for purpose. I like to work collaboratively, so expect to be part of the process.

Working with you

Regardless if the project is a digital task or printed, I always like to meet with in person or to chat on the phone to fully understand your requirements.

Pixel Perfect

I am a perfectionist, it's my downfall and my 'superpower'. If you are not totally satisfied then I have not done my job correctly.

Constantly Curious

I am constantly inspired by things around me, from an outfit someone is wearing to a peeling shop sign on the side of a building. I love exploring.

Professional Network

As part of an awesome network of professionals, from marketeers to SEO consultants to copy-writers, if I can't help, I will know someone who can.

How can I help?

Graphic Design

01. Branding and Logos

Branding and logo design work is one of my most favourite things to work on. I enjoy the creativity involved in helping someone define their new or revising their existing branding. To me branding and identity work is about telling a compelling story through the use of beautiful typography and colours.

02. Web Design & Development

Websites design and development can vary depending on the requirements. I love working on website projects that help solve a real problem or ‘pain’ for my clients. This can be around messaging and brand perception to enabling clients to be able to sell products and services online.

03. Illustration and Lettering

Along with my digital tools I am also a hand-lettering fanatic and lover of the traditional art of calligraphy. This combined with my addiction to stationery means that I will happily sketch and design with a pen and paper alongside the mighty mouse. I can combine my love of analogue with digital by giving my clients the best of both worlds.

Let's work together!

I would love to find out more about your project and how we can work together, please get in touch using the contact form.

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