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Branding Scope
Rebrand: Re-design of existing logo/identityNew Branding
What does your brand stand for? What is the company's mission? Custom gifts, handmade products, high-end goods, promoting a service?
How did the name come about? Does the name has any special meaning or significance?
What is unique about your company? Why should people choose your company over your rivals?
What would you like to portray as your brand's personality? What five adjectives would a customer use to describe your company?
Appearance. Please identify the overall style and format for the brand.
Business/Corporate (Clean, strong, limited effects, bold fonts and simple palette)Bright & Artistic (Bright colours, funky imagery, informal fonts and interesting)Informal & Simple (Clean lines, simple fonts with limited use of fancy effects)Other Appearance (Please clarify in the box below)
You may also use google web fonts to define your fonts. www.google.com/fonts.
You may also use the free online resource for creating colour palettes and share your palette when completed. www.colourlovers.com/palettes.
Usage. Where will the logo be predominately used and in what context.
Mainly Online/DigitalMainly Printed/HardcopyEqual Combination of Both Digital and PrintOther (Please clarify in the box below)
Example Brands and Logos. Please list any website for key competitors or those which you like and will assist with the design process. Please also state what you like and what you dislike about each example.

Once this form has been submitted, we will contact you to confirm receipt and clarify any points that need further discussion and changes. Following agreement by both parties, the final specification will form part of the formal agreement and terms for the project.

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