To Twit or not to Twit

I was asked the other day what the point of twitter was. I struggled to describe what the concept was and why someone would use it. The only argument I could come up with was “Stephen Fry uses it!”

My friend was very perplexed by it as she read somewhere that ‘every student uses it’ and she didn’t know of any of her friends in her Uni circle that did use it.

I do use it for a project I am working on, but only as way of keeping my website updated with relevant information. I suppose it can be a passive way of ‘spamming’ a group of people (often complete strangers). However, even for a tech-addict like me, I do draw the line at twittering about when you are going to have a cup of tea or take a leak. Because frankly, who cares?

Art or just plain cheating?

I went to a local ‘Meet the Artist’ event held as part of a bigger festival.  There was a good mixture of artists and disciplines.

I came across an empty table/stand, and peered at the workstation to see what the artist was working on. I saw what looked like a inkjet colour printout of a photo of a field of poppies and some daisies, on top of which the artist had started painting using acrylic paints.

Now I am all one for using a photograph as reference and study aid, but had never heard of anyone painting directly onto the photograph.  My friend said that it was like ‘painting by numbers’. I am afraid I don’t approve and it was a good thing the artist was not present otherwise she would have received a disapproving look from me.